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3 Benefits Of a Clean Car

If I were to ask you how much time you spend in a day in your car, what would you say?

40 minutes?

25 minutes?

Well, it depends on how far you live from work as that’s where most of us drive on a daily basis. However, a study made by Harvard Health Watch found that the average amount of time an average person will spend in their car a day is 101 minutes.

In such a busy city like Toronto, people are too busy to realize the amount of time we spend just on our daily commute and forget the value of their car.

More so, since we’re such a big city and there’s so much traffic, the average time a Torontonian spends in their car is probably more than your average city in America (minus New York and Los Angeles).

So why should you care about your car? It’s just a means of transportation, right?

Well, it could be. But it can also mean a lot more to someone than that.

Keeping your car clean not only helps maintain the value of the car, but it will also make your daily drive to work or school less stressful when your car is in the best condition it can be.

Keeping Your Car Clean Helps Your Health

If you want to take it to an extreme; your car isn’t a hospital where it needs to be kept sterile and clean. Neither is it a junkyard where you can throw trash however you want.

The build-up of clutter in your car is a natural part of owning a vehicle, but neglecting it too long can have adverse effects on you and your passenger's health.

Not only does visual disorganization cause distractions, but just like your home, the buildup of dust and germs from outside elements are always being tracked in and are left to settle.

With enough time this can lead to a number of health issues and cause problems for those with asthma.

In our business, we get a lot of customers that want their car cleaned due to them bringing on a new baby on board. Usually, this is after months or even years of dogs and cats roaming around their interior.

Put on a Good First Impression

Just like fashion people that want to buy and wear a specific type of shoes, pants, and shirts, the same can be applied to your car.

Your vehicle is also a status symbol with friends and coworkers.

Just think about it…

Imagine you’ve been working at your job for the last 5 months and one day, your boss asks if he can ride with you to go get lunch. .

Uh-oh, what do you do then?

Panic? Tell him no? Tell him your car is a mess?

Of course not. You’ll be happy for him to tag along.

Even though you’ve been knowing your boss for 6 months. This is the first time he sees the inside of your car.

What kind of impression is that going to leave him?

What about when you’re on a date? Or taking out coworkers to lunch? You want to make sure you put on a good impression with your car to keep it clean 

A clean and organized vehicle will give great first impressions whether it be your boss seeing it for the first time or going on a first date, your level of organization can speak a lot about you.

Value Of Your Car

Just like most people, I’m sure you don’t want to be driving around the same car for years.

Eventually, you’re going to want to trade it in for something new and more impressive.

Keeping the dirt and bugs off your car after making those road trips can drastically change the value of your car whenever you’re ready to make that switch.

Dirt on the outside of your vehicle is more than just an annoyance. Dirt can lead to Scratches on your paint that can eventually lead to the buildup of rust.

The presentation of your car is just a bonus.

Presentation is always nice, but at the very least the average person should give regular washes to prevent the build-up of chipping and rust, to keep the value of your car.

Clean your car and keep it ready for whenever you’re ready to make that switch.

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